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Shahid Kapoor is going through look tests for Shaandar

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apoor has been undergoing various look test


 for his upcoming film Shaandar.

Shahid has actively been meeting his stylist and hairdresser to lock in his look for Shaandar.

The ace actor walked a distance when he went bald for his role in Haider. There was a lot of speculation if Shahid would actually shed his hair but he did it because the role required it.

This time around again he will be changing his look for Shaandar as he wants to look different and be in the skin of the character.

His current hairstyle is sporty and is giving him a very different and striking look. 

He and director Vikas Bahl have been visiting hair stylists and have almost zeroed in on the look of the film. Shahid


s character in the film requires his hairstyle to suit western as well as Indian looks.

Shaandar will be India’s first destination wedding film and marks the fresh pairing of Shahid and Alia Bhatt.

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Triple dose of laughter in F.I.R


 Kiku Sharda as Gulgule, Sandip Anand as Billu & Gopi Bhalla as Constable Gopi from FIR

F.I.R. is a comical TV series which shows lady inspector Chandramukhi Chautala and her adept team of police officers solving criminal cases with a funny twist.


One of SAB TV’s longest running premier comedy series F.I.R is impressing audiences with its new format and a renewed style of humor. In the recent track, Kavita Kaushik aka Chandramukhi Chautala is in a foul mood and her team of merry men is trying every trick in the book to lift her spirits. Different plans and techniques are devised to make the inspector smile and laugh. While Kiku Sharda aka Gulgule poses as Chautala’s childhood friend and calls her to catch up and ignite the nostalgia of their friendship, Sandeep Anand aka Billu gets her to play her favorite game of seven stones/Pittu, where he too fails miserably. When it’s Gopi’s turn to cheer up Chautala, he changes his avatar to that of a person chased and attacked by street dogs.


Gopi Bhalla aka Gopinath Gandola said, “We had the task of making Kavita laugh and make her smile. Most of our sequences center around a simple plot which becomes funny as the entire team gets together to solve it. I was told to act in a hassled manner as in I have been chased by dogs and wear a uniform that was tattered. I told a spot boy to get the shirt torn a bit to make it look shabby. When he brought it back, it was literally shredded!! And I had to wear the same shirt during the sequence! The entire team was in splits when they saw me in that funny attire.

The sequence takes another twist which makes the state of affairs even funnier.


Will Gopi be able to make Chandramukhi Chautala smile with his antics?


To find out tune into F.I.R. to catch all the rib-tickling laughter from Saturday to Sunday at 9pm only on SAB TV!

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Music Released by Udit narayan of Film “PYAAR  KI  MISS  CALL”



Music of S.A Films maiden venture “PYAAR KI MISS CALL” was released by hand of singer Udit Narayan on 26th August 2014, at Zip Studio, in presence of music director Ram Shankar, guest actor Ejaj Khan, Utpal Chaudhary of Lotus Music, leading hero of the film Gaurav Prateek, Mushtaq Khan, entire unit and lots of persons from media. Music was released by Lotus Music. Singer Udit Narayan, Gaurav Prateek, Mushtaq Khan & director Rajul Alam expressed lots of words regarding music of this film specially a song on Lord Ganpati which is rendered by Raja Hassan and choreographed by Anthony.


Film is produced by Shakeela S, with story and direction by Razul Alam, music by Sunil Patni and Iqbal Sargam, lyrics by Manthan, Dr.Rajeshwar Uniyal, Ram Chamoli & Sanam Gazipuri, production designer Baby Shagufta, sound by Salim Khan, screenplay & dialogue by Mustaqeem Khan, cinematography by Salim Suma, action by Dilip Yadav, choreography by Anthony & Vicky Kythan, editor Kamal Saigal, art by Amrit Singh and songs are rendered by Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Shadab Shabri, Raja Hassan, Ritu Pathak & Sangeeta Panth.


Film has introduced new pair Zara Naaz, Gaurav Prateek, with Shavar Ali, Mushtaq Khan, Aparna Choudhry, Sharmila Goenka, Javed Haider with Ehsaan Khan & Dilip Tahil in pivotal roles.




लोकप्रिय गायक उदित नारायण ने फिल्म “प्यार की मिस कॉल” का ऑडियो रिलीज़ किया 

 एस ए फिल्म्स के बैनर तले बानी फिल्म “प्यार की मिस कॉल” का संगीत लोकप्रिय गायक उदित नारायण के हाथो २६ अगस्त २०१४ को ज़िप स्टूडियो में रिलीज किया गया, इस अवसर पर संगीतकार राम शंकर, कलाकार एजाज खान, लोटस म्यूजिक के उत्पल चौधरी, नायक गौरव प्रतीक, मुश्ताक़ खान, पूरी फिल्म की यूनिट और मिडिया के कई पत्रकार मौजूद थे। इस अवसर पर उदित नारायण, गौरव प्रतीक, मुश्ताक़ खान और निर्देशक राजुल आलम ने इसकी संगीत के बारे में कई खूबियां बयान की, खास कर एक गीत जो गणपति भगवान पर आधारित है और उसे राजा हसन गाया है, अन्थोनी ने इसका नृत्य निर्देशन किया है, इस गीत के बारे में इन सब लोगो को बड़ी आस्था है व विश्वास है।

फिल्म की निर्मात्री शकीला एस व निर्देशक राजुल आलम की फिल्म “प्यार की मिस कॉल” का निर्माण एस ए फिल्म्स के बैनर तले हुआ है जिसमे कथा व निर्देशन राजुल आलम का है, संगीत सुनील पटनी व इकबाल सरगम का है, गीत मंथन, डा राजेश्वर उनियाल, राम चिमोली और सनम गाजीपुरी का है, प्रोडक्शन डिजाईन बेबी शगुफ्ता ने किया है, साउंड सलीम खान का है, पटकथा व संवाद मुस्तक़ीम खान का है, चित्रांकन सलीम सुमा का, फाइट सयोजन दिलीप यादव, नृत्य अन्थोनी और विक्की क्यथन, संपादक कमल सैगल, कला निर्देशन अमृत सिंह का व गीतों को आवाज़ दी है, उदित नारायण, अलका याग्निक, शादाब शाबरी, राजा हसन, ऋतू पाठक व संगीता पंथ ने।

फिल्म में नवोदित जोड़ी ज़ारा नाज़ और गौरव प्रतीक का है, व साथी कलाकार हैं शावर अली, मुश्ताक खान, अपर्णा चौधरी, शर्मीला गोएनकर, जावेद हैदर के साथ महतवपूर्ण भूमिका में एहसान खान और दिलीप ताहिल हैं। फिल्म जल्द ही प्रदर्शित होने वाली है।


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Rakhi Sawant on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil

Rakhi Sawant on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil (1) Rakhi Sawant on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil (2) Rakhi Sawant on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil (3) Rakhi Sawant on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil (4) Rakhi Sawant on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil (5) Rakhi Sawant on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil (6) Rakhi Sawant on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil (7) Rakhi Sawant on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil (8)

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The November Man reveiw by ANIZ FILMVALA

The November Man

 reveiw by




‘The November Man’ Pierce Brosnan as Peter Devereaux is a reminiscent of his Bond era, cool-headed fast cars gun fighting and unscathed in any situation. A minuscule take on the legendary character of Bond which he lived on screen for a while.

Peter a CIA killer and a experienced person of many international intelligence missions and his protégé David Mason [Luke Bracey] is a sharp shooter with a reckless attitude. A flashback shows Peter in Switzerland being tasked to shield a Russian woman as she is aware about a surreptitious crime which the next presidential candidate of Russia Arkady Federov [Lazar Ristovski] has committed some years back.

But while Peter escorts her out she is been shot point blank by Mason and the entire thing goes skewed while back in present Peter discover another witness Alice [Olga Kurylenko] as she also has a diverse top secret of her own tribulation.

Peter has to expose Arkady about the Chechen War which was conspired by the CIA and resulted in the deaths of thousands of guiltless people and the massacre of Alice’s family and the brutality which she had gone through.

The movie is a glossy and fast pace as the Director Roger Donaldson has monitored every frame to be interesting making immense scope to see the movie. Bonds fan have a one reason to go and watch’ Pierce Brosnan’



Pierce Brosnan as Peter Devereaux

Luke Bracey as David Mason

Olga Kurylenko as Alice Fournier

Bill Smitrovich as Hanley

Amila Terzimehić as Alexa

Lazar Ristovski as President Arkady Fedorov

Mediha Musliovic as Natalia Ulanova

Eliza Taylor as Sarah

Caterina Scorsone as Celia

Akie Kotabe as Meyers

Will Patton as Perry Weinstein

Patrick Kennedy as Edgar Simpson

Dragan Marinkovic as Denisov

Ben Willens as Agent Jones

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Raja Natwarlal reveiw by ANIZ FILMVALA

Raja Natwarlal 

reveiw by 





Emraan Hashmi in a con man act yet again with nuance of emotion and aggression, this star is in no mood to break away from his formula of doing tricky characters of grey shade. His one man army attitude and ruling on the Box Office against the giants of Bollywood pashas is not hidden, has he done it again !!! Well next three days and his fan following will prove it [whatever the critics verdict].

The plot nothing great Raja[Emraan] a local street smart swindle with ability to thrive on petty bamboozle on streets of Mumbai with his associate Raghav [Deepak Tijori] .

Distressed about not gaining a fast access towards her love Ziya [Humaima Malik] a bar dancer where Raja blows his booty daily, but is dwarfed by a rich marwadi leaving him infuriated about his money mess. Sometime later he encounters a conversation of two drunkards about to deliver a big booty which alarms him to a big desire to become rich in a wink.

A master plan is worked out to swipe the big cash [80 lacs] away from the crooks and they succeed but it leads to mayhem as the actual possessor is nonetheless but a don Vardha Yadav [KK].The consequence Raghav is eliminated in no time thus leaving Raja in turmoil of taking a vengeance of his brothers killing.

As Raja leaves the city and heads towards Dharamshala to get help of a Yogi [Paresh Rawal] an ex con and Raghav’s real brother to join him to avenge his brothers death. Yogi takes Raja under his command and brushes him up to sharpen his conning skills,  Yogi forms a squad of con from different parts to pin down Vardhas Empire, as they make a plan to allure him to buy a made up cricket team of Ahemdabad Avengers which a dream he has been nurturing to be a owner of a team one day. The hoopla begins to deceive the Don with some intriguing moments and a happy ending.

A Emraan Hashmi movies are always equipped with hit tracks but famous Tamil film composer Yuvan Shankar Raja disappoints. Director Kunal Deshmukh has a penchant towards Cricket since his debut Jannat, but in Raja Natwarlal he has not register the passion of the sports which he suave in Jannat.This will be his unremarkable effort gone awry to be in the league of classy con movies made worldwide.


Emraan Hashmi as Raja

Humaima Malik as Ziya

Paresh Rawal as Yogi

Kay Kay Menon as Vardha Yadav

Prasad Oak as Cop

Deepak Tijori as Raghav

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Parineeti Chopra and Pantene Hair Expert Coleen Khan


Mumbai, 27th August, 2014: Leading shampoo brand Pantene on Wednesday brought actor Parineeti Chopra and Pantene Hair Expert Coleen Khan together for a event to share how she started endorsing the brand after it gave her proof, which no other brand did and demystify hair care myths!

Sharing about her association with Pantene, the actress said, “I had the same hair style for years when I was studying in London and even when I was working at YRF PR. I always wanted to experiment with my hair but I was scared. Then I joined the film industry and I had to change my looks for my roles. I tried many products, some promised zero damage in one wash, others had shiny packaging and big price tags. When Pantene came to me, I told them, proof dikhao toh manungi! I tried it and was amazed at the results. I experiment with a new look for each film – be it short hair for Hasee Toh Phasee or coloured hair for Kill Dill. Pantene gave me proof and I am here to show it to you, that don’t fall for tall promises made by brands. No one can miraculously fix your hair overnight. Test your hair with the needle test and see if your shampoo gives you split-end protection”

To help the audience check for split ends in their hair, Parineeti demonstrated the ultimate needle test by passing a thread through the eye of the needle explaining that if their hair did not pass through meant they had split ends.

The event brought to life how beauty brands often make tall claims failing to deliver the results and it’s now time to move on from these false promises and to choose a brand that gives you proof. Parineeti proudly showcased that Pantene guarantees you 3 month split ends protection without making tall claims of instantly repairing split ends. The actor admitted she agreed to endorse the brand only after trying the product and being completely satisfied with the results.

Chopra wholeheartedly commended the role of Pantene in letting her experiment with new hairstyles in her recent films, “I’m always pushing myself to take up different roles, new ways to seep into the character and this often requires me to change my look from film to film. Putting my hair through the various chemical and heat treatments would always leave my hair rough and dry and every month I would find myself running to the salon to chop off split ends!” she exclaimed. The Hasee toh Phasee actor had sported a fringe then and now for her upcoming film Kill Dill, she has coloured her hair. “Pantene has assured me that my hair will always be well protected,” the face of the brand said.

Pantene Hair Expert, Coleen also showed support adding, “We have numerous brands making claims of fixing spilt ends, providing instant damage repair, livening up your hair etc. But I’ve learned one thing from my numerous years of experience in the hair industry, that none of the hair problems that I mentioned can be repaired in a day or two. Our hair needs proper care and to get that problem free hair it requires proper nourishment. At Pantene we believe that healthy hair is the foundation for beautiful hair and to get that lovely lustrous mane, it is imperative to use the correct shampoo and conditioner.”

The new Pantene range equipped with the Pro V formula technology restores hair and shine from within and not only provides intense moisturization as you wash but it also helps to prevent future damage.

More Information on the new Pantene Range

Pantene launches its new range of shampoo and conditioners, with total damage care, involving the best ever Pro-V formula which helps in improving hair health, strength and elasticity. Studies have revealed that Pro-Vitamins or PRO-V penetrate deep into the cortex of each hair strand. The two ingredients that make-up Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin complex – Panthenol and Panthenyl Ethyl Ether – are carefully coupled in the formulation to restore health and shine from within. Thus the result is nourished, beautiful, shiny hair.

The Pantene product range includes different variants such as Total Damage Care and Hair Fall Control to meet your specific needs.

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