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Shankar’s I Songs Showcase in Mumbai

Bosco, Art director, DOP P.C Sriram,Director Shankar, Vikram and A.R Rahman at theTrailer launch of Tamil film “I” (20)

Bosco, Art director, DOP P.C Sriram,Director Shankar, Vikram and A.R Rahman at theTrailer launch of Tamil film “I” (20)

Shankar, A.R Rahman, Vikram at theTrailer launch of Tamil film “I” (24)

Shankar, A.R Rahman, Vikram at theTrailer launch of Tamil film “I” (24)


One of the most anticipated films of the year Shankar’s ‘I’ held its first event and Press meet in Mumbai yesterday. Touted to be one of the best supernatural films made by far ‘I’ created a huge amount of curiosity for its Hindi Dubbed Version too.

The Wear Wolf and the Hunchback looks of Vikram have been creating varied questions in everyone’s mind, and now the audiences and the media cant wait to see what the film will have to offer them. At the event held at Mumbai yesterday, the team showcased two new songs from their film. The media was amazed to look at the content.

“I” has increased anticipation and generated the much needed curiosity amongst the audiences with its mind blowing trailer and over the top action. The audiences are going Gaga over the songs too. They can’t wait to see more.

Directed by Shankar, “I” is all set to release on the 14th January.

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Family stays away from Harshvardhan Kapoor

Shoot for Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Mirziya is currently under way and Harshvardhan Kapoor is busy shooting for the film.

He is in a grueling schedule in Rajsathan and the young actor has distanced himself and has more or less been by himself.

Inspite of the technologically advanced times,  Harshvardhan has been less communicative with his family and friends.

Even in terms of family neither his parents Anil and Sunita, nor his sisters Rhea and Sonam have dropped in on the sets to meet him.

Harshvardhan has been spending his time either by himself or training for the film.

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Sushant Singh Rajput has learnt a lot about history in the last one year.

Sushant has been shooting for his upcoming film Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! in which the backdrop of the film is the Second World War.

Recently Sushant visited Kolkata for the poster launch where he visited the Old Eastern Hotel.

He learnt that during the World War the hotel was bombed by Japanese planes and was largely destroyed.

It was a brutal attack and Sushant was overheard discussing that the incident reminds him of the recent Taj terror attack.

Sushant actively spoke to Dibakar about the attack and dug for more details.

While the hotel has been restored, there yet are yet areas which are reminiscent of the war. Sushant took a walk around the hotel actively talking to Dibakar and the staff there who were filling him in with details.

Says Sushant “Though I have been to Kolkata several times before, this was the first time I visited the hotel. Exactly seventy years ago Japanese bombers dropped a bomb right here. The vibe and the history of the place brought back the shoot of Byomkesh Bakshy! for me – when I was right inside Calcutta 1943! It was like time travel where i had landed back to the future!”

Even on sets Sushant often used to indulge in long conversations with Dibakar on various facets of the war and the implications Kolkata  faced during that time. 

He has been defeacto learning history and has got more and more intrigued with the subject.

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Rajkumar Hirani’s PK becomes the fastest film to enter the 200 crore club.

PK witnesses an unprecedented record breaking 2nd weekend. PK on 2nd Sunday saw more than 50% over 2nd Friday making the movie highest 2nd weekend ever.

The second weekend of the Aamir Khan starrer fared phenomenally at the box office because of the strong word of mouth and the high number of repeat audience.

PK collected record Rs. 22.10 cr on Sunday, taking the 2nd Weekend collection to 53.66cr and total collection to Rs. 236.24. (Friday: 26.63cr; Saturday 30.34cr, Sunday 38.24 cr, Monday – 21.22cr,Tuesday – 18.85cr, Wednesday – 19.55cr,Thursday (Christmas) – 27.55cr, Friday – 14.44cr,Saturday –  17.12cr, Sunday – 22.10cr).
PK would be the second film of this same team (Aamir – Raju) to be a part of this club. Their first film, 3 Idiots was the first film in Indian cinema to have entered this club.

The film has also crossed the 100 CR INR mark in the overseas market which underlines the global appreciation and love that the film has been receiving.

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 110,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 5 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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मलाइका बनीं राजकुमार राव की डांस टीचर…


Malaika in Fashion Khatam Mujh Pe song from Dolly Ki Doli (2)

Malaika in Fashion Khatam Mujh Pe song from Dolly Ki Doli (2)

Rajkummar Rao in Dolly Ki Doli

फिल्म “डॉली की डोली’ में मलाइका अरोरा खान एक स्पेशल नंबर “फैशन खत्म हुआ मुझ पे’कर रही हैं। इस गाने में उनके साथ राजकुमार राव भी नाचते दिखाई देंगे। फिल्म से जुड़े सूत्रबताते हैं, “यह गाना सोनम और राजकुमार की शादी के सीक्वेंस के दौरान आता है। गाने कोलेकर राजकुमार बहुत उत्साहित थे लेकिन शूटिंग के दिन मलाइका की मौजूदगी और उन्हें डांसकरते देख हैरान-परेशान हुए। क्योंकि मलाइका हर स्टेप एक बार में समझने के साथ अपनेअंदाज के परफेक्शन के साथ करतीं। कुछ देर में ही उन्होंने काफी सारे स्टेप्स बिना भूले करलिए। राजकुमार इससे थोड़ा घबरा गए।’वो इसलिए क्योंकि वे भले ही “शाहिद’, “काय पो छे’जैसी फिल्मों में एक्टिंग का जौहर दिखा चुके हैं लेकिन डांस से थोड़ा दूर ही हैं। मलाइका को जबपता चला तो उन्होंने राजकुमार को सहज करते हुए कुछ स्टेप्स करके दिखाए। इसके बादराजकुमार उनके कदम से कदम मिला कर नाचने लगे। परफेक्ट डांसर मलाइका से डांससीखना उनके लिए नया अनुभव रहा।

सोनम, राजकुमार, पुलकित सम्राट और वरुण शर्मा अभिनीत “डॉली की डोली’ 23 जनवरी कोरिलीज़ हो रही है। इसका निर्देशन अभिषेक डोगरा ने किया है।

Malaika Arora Khan turns teacher for Rajkummar Rao for the song ‘Fashion Khatam Mujh Pe’ from Dolly Ki Doli!!

Style diva Malaika Arora Khan who is known to give us some chart buster songs is all set to sizzle the silver screen with her special number from ‘Dolly Ki Doli’.

What we hear is that Rajkummar Rao who will also be seen shaking a leg in the song was in awe of the actress.

A source close to the team said, ‘This special number comes during Rajkummar and Sonam’s wedding sequence. So Rajkummar is very happy and is supposed to let lose when he dances alongside Malaika. When Rajkummar came on sets he was quite awestruck by Malaika’s presence. Later in no time both of them got along with each other and in fact Malaika even showed him few steps and practiced with him to be in sync and get it correctly.’

Well, we are sure that learning dance from Malaika is definitely a dream come true for Rajkummar!!

Produced by Arbaaz Khan Production, the film is directed by Abhishek Dogra and is all set to release on 23rd January!!

Fashion Khatam Mujh Pe Song Link

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Care World TV Goes Global; Launches In The US


(L-R) Kishore Dadlaney- Director Operations, Ajit Gupta -Managing Director, India, Lal Dadlaney - Managing Director USA

(L-R) Kishore Dadlaney- Director Operations, Ajit Gupta -Managing Director, India, Lal Dadlaney – Managing Director USA

Lal Dadlaney, Formerly Of TV Asia, To Head US Operations

Mumbai: Care World TV, the seven-year-old health and fitness television channel has been launched in the United States of America (USA) to become the world’s largest global health care television channel. Top media professional, Lal Dadlaney has been roped in to set up and launch the channel in the US.

The Channel will deliver high quality credible content in holistic, ethical and professional manner integrating health and fitness for the mind, body and soul with the help of highly experienced practitioners specializing in various disciplines and well known Spiritual Leaders who share alternative remedies and ancient secrets. Care World TV has been launched as a Conventional and Complementary Medical ,Wellness and Life style Channel to serve South Asians in the US and Canada. The Channel will carry US produced content involving prominent US Doctors who seek to give back to the Community their knowledge and skills.

Lal Dadlaney, formerly Business and Operations head at TV Asia USA network, was primarily responsible for revamping and strengthening the infrastructure and operations  of the channel. Based in New Jersey with over 20 years in Film and TV distribution, he will launch Care World TV USA the first 24×7.

Mr. Ajit Gupta, Managing Director of Care World TV, India is providing content, ideation and studio infrastructure; and along with Dadlaney and others is a Founding member of the new venture. “While there are many channels in the general entertainment space in the US and Canada in all languages for South Asians, there is not a single channel dedicated to providing quality health information in an engaging, exciting, and entertaining manner. Care World TV USA will occupy that space,” says Mr. Gupta.

“Our Team believes passionately in the concept ‘prevention is better than cure’ and this drives the programming philosophy,” adds Mr. Gupta.

“A healthy peaceful mind is directly correlated to a healthy body and our programs reflect prevention, natural treatment of ailments and at-home remedies. Care World TV USA has a lot of potential in markets like US and Canada. I am certain we will rewrite the history of American television programming in this segment,” concludes Mr. Dadlaney.

The channel is in test mode and is available for free 24 x 7 on many of the digital devices. For further information on the channel visit:

About Care World TV: CARE WORLD TV, Asia’s only Satellite healthcare TV Channel, emerged as the need of the hour by fulfilling a vacant niche, has successfully completed 7 years of disseminating health related information to the masses thus bridging the gap between the functionary and the beneficiary. Keeping in tune with the boom in the healthcare Industry with constant changes, in trends, development, research, the channel has introduced various innovative shows with exclusive content.

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Cinemagoers Spooked by the real Woman in Black!

Hollywood promotions is India is definitely getting more innovative by the day and PVR Pictures sure knows how to market their films. To create a dramatic buzz for the upcoming horror film, The Woman in Black 2 : Angel of Death the distributors decided to spook cinema-goers. This past weekend people in Mumbai and Delhi who went to see UGLY were in for a spooky surprise before the movie began. A woman dressed in black with white smudged face and a torch passed through the cinema hall during pitch blackout. What followed was an array of screams, whistles and scares from the audience. This activity was repeated through the weekend to create buzz for the film. In addition, PVR also handed black roses to those who purchased tickets at select outlets as the prop forms for an important element in the movie.
Woman in Black 2 : Angel of Death is a sequel to the acclaimed horror flick of the same name from 2012. The second instalment will release in India on 3rd of January and has been regarded as one of the most anticipated horror films.

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Farhan is against the ‘No Smoking’ disclaimers in films


Farhan Akhtar strongly feels against running No Smoking disclaimers in the midst of a film.

He is keen to reach out to the concerned authorities about the No smoking disclaimers in films. The ace actor truly feels it takes away from the viewing experience and is more of a distraction than effective messaging.

Says Farhan, “Firstly, we all are in agreement that smoking is injurious to health but ask yourself, is running a disclaimer as a sub-title during a scene the solution to the problem? The answer is no.”

Farhan shares, “The only thing it successfully manages to do is take the viewer out of his or her film viewing experience. It is like putting the cinema hall lights on during a scene and expecting not to disturb the audience’s attention or cause any lapse in concentration to the story. Is that possible? The answer again is No.”

Farhan has been talking to his team and fellow filmmakers about the issue. He wants to take a concrete step and ensure a solution is worked out.

He further adds, “The film industry had willingly accepted and proudly supported the Anti-Smoking Public Awareness film by attaching it to the print and digital file, to be run before the start of the feature itself. But to have disclaimers in the film itself is stepping on the film makers toes and demanding a compromise of the creator’s integrity.”

Farhan feels running a disclaimer is more of a creative hindrance and takes away from the essence of the scene

He concludes by saying, “We have a rating system that decides viewer age limits for films and I’m sure that smoking can be dealt with through the certification system.”

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Bollywood Forthcoming Films of 2015


ALONE Poster (1)

Release Date   : 16th January 2015

Producer: Panorama Studios, Abhishek Pathak, Kumar Mangat Pathak, Prashant Sharma, Pradeep Agrawal

Director: Bhushan Patel

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover

i  (Hindi Dubbed Version)

Release Date   : 16th January 2015

Director: Shankar

Vikram, Amy Jackson and Upen Patel


BABY Poster (1)

Release Date   : 23rd January 2015

Banner : T-Series, A Friday Filmworks,Crouching Tiger Motion Pictures,Cape of Good Films

Director: Neeraj Pandey

Akshay Kumar, Tapsee Pannu, Anupam Kher, Rana Daggubati, Danny Denzongpa, Rashid naaz, Madhurima Tuli

Dolly Ki Doli

DKD_Poster 3

Release Date   : 23rd January 2015

Producer: Arbaaz Khan Production and Kinesis Films

Director: Abhishek Dongra

Sonam Kapoor, Varun Sharma, Rajkummar Rao, Pulkit Samrat

Hey Bro

Ganesh Acharya with Big B in Hey Bro

Release Date   : 30th January 2015

Presentor: Matey moviez

Producer: Vidhi Acharya

Director: Ajay Chandhok

Ganesh Acharya, Maninder, Nupur Sharma


ROY Poster 0(2)

Release Date   : 13th February 2015

Banner: T Series

Producer: Divya Kumar, Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar

Director: Vikramjit Singh

Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and Jacqueline Fernandes



Release Date   : 20th February 2015

Presented by: Eros International and Maddock Films

Producer: Dinesh Vijan

Director: Sriram Raghavan

Varun Dhawan, Nawazzudin SIddique, Yami Gautam, Radhika Apte and Huma Qureshi

Main Aur Charles

Randeep Hooda in Main Aur Charles

Release Date   : 13th March 2015

Presented by : Wave Cinemas Ponty Chadha

Produced by: Cynozure Networkz

Director: Prawaal Raman

Randeep Hooda, Richa Chadda, Adil Hussain and Nandu Madhav



Release Date   : 10th April 2015

Banner: T-Series, Paperdoll Entertainment

Producer: Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Ahmed Khan & Shaira Khan

Director: Bobby Khan

Sunny Leone, Jay Bhanushali, Mohit Ahlawat

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon

Kapil Sharma with Abbas-Mustan-Hussain Burmawala (1)

Release Date   : Summer 2015

Banner: Venus Records and Tapes

Produced by: Ratan Jain – Ganesh Jain & Abbas – Mustan

Directed by: Abbas-Mustan

Kapil Sharma, Manjari Fadnis, Sai Lokur , Elli Avram, Simran Mundi, Varun Sharma, Sharat Saxena,Supriya Pathak, Manoj Joshi & Arbaaz Khan

(A division of Parag Desai Media Group)

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L.K.Advani is all praises for PK

After Sachin Tendulkar expressed how he found PK to be Aamir Khan’s best film ever, there is another name who is endorsing Rajkumar Hirani’s recently released film.


L.K.Advani who recently watched the film has taken a huge liking to the film and feels that more and more people should watch it as it is not just entertaining but also a very important film.

L.K. Advani shared, “Hearty greetings to Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra for a wonderful and courageous film that they have produced in the shape of PK.

We are fortunate to have been born in a vast and variegated country like India. This however casts on all patriots a duty to ensure that nothing weakens the unity of the country- neither caste nor community nor language nor region, and certainly not religion.

In fact I believe that religiosity is for our nation an inexhaustible source of spiritualism, and so of ethical conduct. Those who run down religion, any religion, are doing a great disservice to the country and to its unity.

It is this cardinal lesson that emerges clearly out of this recently released film PK which has excellent performances by the protagonist Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma and Boman Irani.”

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Is Ranveer Singh , Ridhima’s gym guru?


Ridhima Sud, who will be debuting with Zoya Akhtar’s Dil Dhadakne Do, has been lucky to act with Ranveer Singh. The debutante says, “Ranveer and I would always see each other in the gym. whenever I’d  go for a run He’d be there! I was convinced he was living and functioning out of there but thank god he was, because he was nice enough to point out that my shoes are not the correct ones for running and that I could twist my ankle if I didn’t get new ones! I am more of a yoga person and hadn’t thought much about the shoes situation. He was also kind enough to show me some exercises with weights.”

She further adds, “Luckily my ankle is still intact and I now own some very appropriate running shoes!”

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Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb review by ANIZ FILMVALA


Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

review by



The third and final installment of the ‘Night at the Museum’ series is an ode of fantasy world, truly a Santa gift to kid’s world over. Enjoyable and a trip to utopia a run away to hassle free world.

Larry Daley [Ben Stiller] is back on a mission to save his favorite exhibits from the age old curse as to stop the tablet of Ahkmenrah from corroding. As the corrosion causes chaos during an opening event of a Museum of Natural History, the affected exhibits create mayhem and scare away the attendees.

Larry researches that the Ahkmenrah can be preserved back if he goes to the British Museum and confer with the parent Merenkahre [Ben Kingsley] of Ahkmenrah. By some means he convinces McPhee [Ricky Gervais] the curator of the Museum to get the permission of delivering some exhibits. As they reach British Museum host of new exhibits come to life and join them, eventually the adventure starts of restoring the Ahkmenrah as only the moonlight can stop the corrosion.

All the characters including late Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt, Attila the Hun, Sacagawea, Dexter the Capuchin Monkey, and Rexy the Tyrannosaurus skeleton and also Jedediah [Owen Wilson] and Octavius [Steve Coogan] from the earlier parts have been maintained a superb farewell bid to this unforgettable creatures given by Director Shawn Levy.


Ben Stiller as Larry Daley

Stiller also plays Laa

Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt

Owen Wilson as Jedediah

Steve Coogan as Octavius

Ricky Gervais as Dr. McPhee

Dan Stevens as Sir Lancelot

Rebel Wilson as Tilly

Skyler Gisondo as Nicky Daley

Rami Malek as Ahkmenrah

Patrick Gallagher as Attila

Mizuo Peck as Sacagawea

Ben Kingsley as Merenkahre

Dick Van Dyke as Cecil Fredericks

Percy Hynes-White as C.J. Fredericks

Mickey Rooney as Gus

Bill Cobbs as Reginald

Andrea Martin as Rose, an archivist.

Rachael Harris as Madeline Phelps

Brennan Elliott as Robert Fredericks

Anjali Jay as Shepseheret

Matty Finochio as Roman Sentry

Crystal the Monkey as Dexter

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When the Common Man turns into Shahrukh Khan!


A funny take on Bollywood by Culture Machine and SnG Comedy

Whether it’s Simran running after a moving train to catch Raj’s hand or Chulbul Pandey taking on 20 goons at a time, our Bollywood films are full of such larger than life scenes. But what if we try to act in the similar way in reality? Imagine a pigeon carrying your love letter to your girlfriend or she doing a towel dance right in front of the window of her room! This video bySnG Comedy titled ‘Bollywood vs Reality’ will tell you what happens after that. The video which has been created by Culture Machine Digital Video Entertainment Company is a spoof of the ‘filmy’ scenes and how they backfire when tried out in real life. It is a hysterical   demonstration of how Bollywood clichés fall apart when smacked in the face by reality. The video features a group of artists who hilariously enact some of the iconic scenes from Bollywood and what follows is definitely going to leave you in splits.

Check it out here:

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Stars play Santa for Mumbai Children


Mumbai, 25th December 2014: Christmas means different things to different people. For the less fortunate children of some leading NGOs in Mumbai such as Akanksha, Teach ForIndia, Cancer Survivor children from CPAA and Salaam Bombay Foundation get a dream come true present through Mumbai police constabulary contingency.  The gift is rather glamorous as Bollywood stars descend on their big day. These children have been preparing year round to put up a performance by the end of the they will have audience from Film and TV fraternity. Bollywood heavyweights such as Raveena Tandon, Boman Irani, Shreyas Talpade and Mandira Bedi will be present along with a bevy of established television stars in support of children hailing from the police constabulary contingency and multiple NGOs. The competition round will be judged by ace choreographer Ganesh Acharya.

These children have been taught dance, pro bono round the year, under the nurturing guidance of Mrs. Diana Tyagi who has had long standing association with the police force. These little brave hearts, who put their heart and soul into practising, present their marvellous skills in form of sizzling dance show titled Star Nite.

Talking about the occasion, Chief Guest, Ms. Raveena Tandon said, “I have always loved to associate with anything to do with children. I make it a point to create atleast one such cause in a year because it’s so much more rewarding. The moment you get to an event with children around you get to revisit childhood. There is so much positive energy that you take back from them. I’m truly grateful to Mumbai constabulary contingency to give me such an opportunity to spend time with children and in this festive season it’s always fun to shake a leg or two with the kids”.

The commissioner of Police, Mr. Rakesh Maria and Mayor of Mumbai, Ms. Snehal Ambekar will be also be presiding over the event along with Ms. Raveena Tandon to encourage the children. After the competition these kids will get their awards directly from the film and television stars. The most sought after recognition for the evening, is the rolling trophy, named after late constable Shri. Tukaram Ombale, the martyr who nailed Kasab and bringing the terror struck night in Mumbai to an end.

Talking about the event, Diana Tyagi, Chairperson, Star Nite said, “We do this as a year round effort and our show is getting bigger with every year. I want to personally thank each and every guest of hounour to accommodate us in their busy schedules. This is honestly the high point of our show and children really go back encouraged to perform better next year. We really want to strengthen this platform so that these kids can find a career calling through dance. There is no Star Nite without the stars”.

Here’s wishing a warm and loving Christmas to all the children.

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Randeep Hooda shares “Charles” makeover with his fans

Randeep Hooda!

Bollywood Actor Randeep Hooda innovatively moved further ahead in the digital world and launched his Facebook page yesterday. The launch was done by hosting a Q&A which acted as a medium of interaction between Randeep and his beloved fans. Before the beginning of the Q&A, Randeep promised his fans for a special surprise towards the end and asked them to stay on. During the session Randeep also promised to stay with get in touch with his fans more often.

The surprise was in form of a one minute video which showed Randeep’s transformation into the character of Charles, that’s his roles in his next movie ‘Main aur Charles’ which is due to release on13th March 2015.

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Gadhaprasad’s treasure-led adventure on Chidiya Ghar


 sab tv

‘Chidiya Ghar’ is the story of a fun-loving family comprising of different members with their unique mannerisms. As per their different names, all the members exhibit one unique trait that defines their personality and behaviour.

In the recent track, Jitu Shivhare who enacts the role of Gadhaprasad is wandering in a jungle when he sees some people entering a cave by using a secret password. Gadhaprasad is curious to know what’s inside this clandestine cave and decides to explore when the cave is not occupied by these people. Next day when Gadhaprasad out of intense curiosity decides to enter the cave he finds huge amounts of money and jewellery stashed around. He decides to gather as much as he can and head back to Chidiya Ghar this is when Ghotak played by Paresh Ganatra notices Gadhaprasad with a lot of jewellery and money. Next day Ghotak decides to follow Gadhaprasad and finds an abundance of jewels in the cave, he goes crazy and out of excitement forgets the password to open the cave’s entrance. When the dacoits return they catch Ghotak trespassing and hold him captive. Ghotak has no option but to wait for help from the outside world.

Jitu Shivhare who enacts the role of Gadhaprasad Prasad, “All of us wish to relive our childhood days in any way possible. We all got a classic opportunity for it. The original story ‘Ali Baba and the 40 thieves’ was used as an inspiration for the current sequence on Chidiya Ghar. As kids we all have heard this story but never thought I would be a part of one. The set used in this track was crafted beautifully. I loved working on this track and I am sure the audiences will love it as well”.

Will Gadhaprasad and Chidiya Ghar members be able to rescue Ghotak from his captors?

Tune into Chidiya Ghar to catch all the fun and comedy, from Monday to Friday at 9 pm only on SAB TV!

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Kali-Katha, a prologue to Anurag Kashyap’s film Ugly, releases online

Kali-Katha, that goes online today is a 5-minute prologue to Anurag Kashyap’s film Ugly. For the first time in the history of Indian cinema, a prologue of any film would be releasing.

Kali-Katha, specially crafted from the deleted scenes of the film Ugly, gives the audiences an emotional backdrop to the story and characters of Ugly, which is about the harrowing search for Kali-a young girl who is kidnapped under mysterious circumstances.

The short film shows the past relationship between Kali’s parents -Rahul who is a struggling actor and Shalini who is a housewife, though not by choice, and the disturbing conditions under which she was born.

Anurag Kashyap has always taken an unconventional and daring path when it comes to his films or their promotions. He feels that the viewers get a better understanding of the characters if they see Kali-Katha before they go and watch Ugly.

Says Anurag, “It’s a very dark prologue to the film that talks about the circumstances around the conception of Kali. It explores the uncomfortable truth below the surface of relationships, which we often ignore and refuse to accept“.

Ugly releases across Indian cinemas on Friday, 26th December 2014.

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Mastani joins Bajirao


Deepika Padukone earned umpteenth accolades for her performance in Ram Leela. The actor has now gone back to shooting with the same team.

Ranveer and Deepika’s chemistry was loved in Ram Leela and the expectations from Bajrao Mastani are very high.

They both will be in a different avatar. While Ranveer has gone bald for his role, Deepika has also undergone look test.

Deepika also did workshops and narrations prior and then shot for two days of the film.

It was a key scene in the film and the shootwent very well. Her shootin will now start full fledged early next year.

Spokesperson confirms the news and shares “Deepika started shooting for Bajirao Mastani and shot for a two days gruelling schedule.”

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Awards and Randeep Hooda!

Randeep Hooda!

It has been a wonderful year for Randeep Hooda and accolades are certainly due to the actor. So it was hardly a surprise when the actor was approached to attend an award function which was supposed to felicitate the actor. The award function was to take place on December 18th,  the date was predictably marked to turn into a happy evening for the actor. Unfortunately, the evening of 18th had an unpleasant turn of events, leaving the actor feeling annoyed more than anything.

A source close to Randeep reveals that things didn’t go according to what was promised to the actor and everything went awry. “Randeep was asked to reach the awards function at 7.30 pm, so that he could receive the award and leave by 8.30 pm. He reached the venue on time, but till 8.30 pm there was no award announcement. In fact, he waited till 9 pm, before getting irked and leaving. Eventually, someone else had to collect the award on his behalf,” says the source.

When asked about the unfortunate incident Randeep, he admitted, “I got bored, so I left. I don’t know what happened later, but I couldn’t sit through it any longer. I’ve got the award now.”

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