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Mumbai, 30th January, 2015: Jacqueline Fernandez, brand ambassador, The Body Shop, unveiled the season of love with the launch of The Body Shop’s new Pulse boutique at Palladium Mall

With its interactive themes focused on beauty and community, beautiful interiors, pampering products, exclusive makeovers and indulgent beauty treats-the new Pulse boutique is all set to provide true Valentine’s Day celebrations to its customers this season.

Beautiful and vivacious Jacqueline Fernandez was thrilled to launch the New Pulse store and Valentine’s day celebrations. “Valentine’s Day is approaching and millions across the world will look to present their loved ones with candy, flowers, and chocolates! But this time I plan to do it different! I am here to launch this new store and enjoy wonderful Valentine’s Day pampering treats with all of you. This new The Body Shop Pulse Boutique is just the perfect place to do all my Valentine’s Day shopping.”

Varun Sharma General Manager The Body Shop India says, “This is our new store in the ground floor at Courtyard in Palladium. This beautiful boutique is wonderfully spacious, innovative and interactive for our customers. We have launched this store in time for Valentine’s Day with gorgeous gifts, delectable bath & body ranges, innovative skincare products and seductive fragrances everything to fulfil Valentine’s day wishes this season.”

Jacqueline also launched the new unique and intense fragrance Red Musk™, a smoldering blend of spiced musk with hot notes of pepper, cinnamon and tobacco. The new incredible fragrance is created by one of the world’s most talented perfumers ‘Corinne Cachen’. The scent adds a red-hot note to the scandalous fragrance history of The Body Shop.

Raving about the new scandalous fragrance from The Body Shop, brand ambassador Jacqueline Fernandez said, “A good fragrance should have a certain personality and The Body Shop’s Red Musk™ perfume is just intriguingly irresistible. The bold and sensual tones evoke a mysterious allure and this unconventional scandal in a bottle is definitely going to be in my hand bag at all the times to spice up my day. This is a perfect gift for the season of love.”

Adding to Jacqueline, the General Manager of The Body Shop India – Varun Sharma, said “We have pioneered in cruelty free fragrances by creating the first man-made musk. Instead of using the perfume industry’s standard ingredient gathered from deer, we broke the rules and shaped the future of scent in the process. With the success of White Musk in the past we are confident that the New Red Musk Collection will be a hot favourite with all for its dramatic sensuality and animal cruelty free ingredients.”


At The Body Shop, we believe true beauty comes from the heart. For us, beauty is much more than a pretty face. It’s about feeling good and doing good, too. The Body Shop products are created using the finest ingredients sourced from the four corners of the globe, which are not tested on animals and are 100% vegetarian. We harness the skills of artisan farmers and add our expertise to create fabulous and effective beauty products that are wonderful to use.


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Birdman review by ANIZ FILMVALA




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Broadway life backstage and live has been bought into cinema halls with chimera of velocity and the credit entirely goes to two mastermind’s cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki and Mexican Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu.

They have used the illusion of cinematic approach to get the right feel of the behavioral prototypes of frenzy Broadway culture. The camera delves continuously without any cuts [advance technology at work] at an impossible protracted endurance capturing every moment of the actors expression and brings the regale atmosphere with traditional cinema frames. Add to the gaiety is the next invincible hero of the film a musician who plays drums for the background score Is also peerless at the moments when vital.

Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton) a washed out Hollywood actor forgotten for his legendary superhero image of Birdman. Now in present attempts to be in vogue by producing and acting in a play, “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” with host of his co actor Laura (Andrea Riseborough) and first-time Broadway actress Lesley (Naomi Watts) and his daughter Sam (Emma Stone} serves as his assistant, a freak accident at the sets happen to replace actor with none other than a volatile method actor Mike (Edward Norton).

As the first previews go disastrously off beam, Riggan blames Mike for stealing the limelight with his own lines. As the day of the final preview comes closer, Riggan sees Sam and Mike flirting, disappointed he accidentally locks himself out of the theater thus leaving his night gown at the door and walks away in his underwear through Times Square to get back inside. This act of his doesn’t go well with a veteran critic Tabitha and promises him to kill his play with bad reviews.

The film gives high-quality scope to all the characters to portray their talent with flamboyance with no inhibition left as to prove their brilliance. There is no doubt about the Academy Nominations in the different category the film has garnered.



Michael Keaton as Riggan Thomson / Birdman

Edward Norton as Mike Shiner

Emma Stone as Sam Thomson

Naomi Watts as Lesley

Zach Galifianakis as Jake

Andrea Riseborough as Laura

Amy Ryan as Sylvia Thomson

Lindsay Duncan as Tabitha Dickinson

Merritt Wever as Annie

Jeremy Shamos as Ralph

Frank Ridley as Mr. Roth

Katherine O’Sullivan as Costume Assistant

Damian Young as Gabriel

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Sonali Swears By Yoga..


When you are a mother, an entrepreneur and an actor, one would feel that there is never any time to do anything at all and yet Sonali Bendre has been doing all that and a lot more and coming out looking like a radiant diva at the end of the day. If you are jealous, you needn’t be, the actress isn’t guarding her fitness secret from anyone.

She has one word for all those who want to get fit, and that’s yoga! The actress who often finds herself shooting days and nights with her show Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh feels it is not convenient for her to go to any gym, given her free time is often spent with her family and son meeting their requirements, the only thing that works for her is yoga. It is her only indulgence, says the gorgeous lady.

Given the way she looks, despite her schedule and various personal commitments, yoga sure seems to be the answer all young women are looking for!

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Badmashiyaan Trailer

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Ali Fazal seems to be in love

Ali Fazal seems to be in love with his love for guitar on screen. Always remembered as the charming young boy from 3 idiots who hums the most memorable song – Give me some sunshine seems to be taking his on-screen love too seriously. In a tweet by Pulkit, it is revealed that the actor does have some string skills and not just that can also sing decently well. Pulkit wrote in his tweet “Bro u r banned frm my house nw. A guy who can play guitar stay away from me.Girls only look at u now!” Ali is seen singing and playing an acoustic version of the hit title track of his forthcoming film Khamoshiyaan.
Reacting to this Ali said ” Ali says ” we were just fooling around at a friends house.  It was Pulkit who got it to my notice ” 
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Guess What Aditya Roy Kapur is upto? Get a Sneakpeak To His New Look


Young heartthrob Aditya Roy Kapur isn’t known to stay static, not least when it comes to his personal style. It is 2015, after all, and while experimentation is really in vogue, only few do it right. Now, look past the chiseled face, the ruffled hair and those starry eyes, and there’s a whole other world to discover, one that’s befitting of the mystique attached to a future style icon. It’s all there – in his walk, in that smile, and in his new avatar seen right here. This is what we’ve all been waiting for. Now only if you can tell us what he’s up to in this video, because we’re still guessing!

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Evelyn throws tantrum at hotel staff

EvelynSharma - JasonRufus41 (1) EvelynSharma - JasonRufus41 (2) EvelynSharma - JasonRufus41 (3) EvelynSharma - JasonRufus41 (4)

After recent rumours of Evelyn throwing a tantrum with Sunny Leone and Ram Kapoor on the sets of Kuch Kuch Locha Hai, the girl with otherwise such a clean slate, is creating news again. Recently in Dubai for a live performance at a private function, Evelyn was throwing more than just an after party in her hotel room. A little birdy tells us, when staff members of the 5-star refused to allow Evelyn’s friends to hang around in her suite post 11pm, the Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani starlet used the “Don’t you know who I am” card on the staff members. She slammed the doors shut on them and refused from stopping the party. The manager was soon called in to intervene. Evelyn finally had to call off her party on the request and warning of the hotel manager.

“ Yes we had friends over for a small get together. And like any other young party we were enjoying and celebrating. Don’t think there was any disturbance or nuisance caused by us. We have had after parties at hotels in Mumbai too and I don’t think any hotels have had an issue so far. We were miffed at the way the staff was talking to me and my guest. we have travelled to a lot of places and clearly understand rules and regulations of the hotels. However, we winded up early since the manager humbly requested”

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