Team Tamasha’s play date!

11 Nov

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Team Tamasha has begun their promotions in full swing, and they chose to kickstart their Tamasha at the Prithvi Festival by going on a Playdate!

A Festival is being held at the iconic Prtithvi Theatre, Play’s of various genres are being showcased to the audiences.

Team Tamasha chose to start their promotions by visiting Prithvi Theatre which belongs to Ranbir Kapoor’s ancestors Prithivi Raj Kapoor as a mark of respect.
The film, Tamasha also has its content in sync with the activities conducted at the theatre.

Ranbir and Deepika are seen enacting different characters on the street in Tamasha, which is on similar lines as to the play’s conducted within the theatre.
Team Tamasha chose to watch a Comedy play at the iconic venue.

The trio, Imtiaz, Ranbir and Deepika watched actor Kumud Mishra’s play Kaumudi, which had been staged at the festival.

Interestingly, Mishra had also played a crucial role in Rockstar, Imtiaz and Ranbir’s last film together. The trio had a great time!
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