‘I struggled because of Akshay Kumar!’

06 Jun


Read on to know why Bollywood’s pretty gal Sandeepa Dhar had a tough time because of the action star

Before anyone jumps to any conclusion, actress Sandeepa Dhar clarifies that she had a tough time because of Bollywood’s action king Akshay Kumar, as it took her a real long time to perfect the ‘Akshay Kumar kick’ for her upcoming film 7 Hours to go.

The actress who will be seen playing a tough-as nails cop in the upcoming thriller has trained extensively in MMA and will be seen doing some of the most hardcore stunts in the film, several of which require parkour, a free-jumping style which Akshay has mastered and has his own signature moves . Now for one of the action sequences, Sandeepa was required to use the Khiladi’s signature action kick which is no mean feat.

The actress says, “That kick is referred to as the Akshay Kumar kick in the industry as it’s his signature move. It’s like the benchmark of action. And while I did most of the action sequences in a few takes, this move left me drained and injured. I really had to work hard on getting this one right and I just struggled at that point because of this one move which is not at all easy to pull off. So, everyone around me just kept saying that Akshay Kumar is making me struggle, which I actually found inspiring.”

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