The Director of Shivaay refuses to show ‎the Big Screen Experience on a small screen

11 Sep



Ajay Devgn has created a special visual experience to launch ‘Bolo Har Har Har’ the title track of his film Shivaay. The Star Director Producer has created a visual extravaganza for the audience in a special music video shot with the singers and the music director of the track. One can only wonder “if this is small? What does the director mean by Big” some of the dancers were absolutely in awe during the shoot of the video.


Mithoon, the Music Director of the film has jammed with Badshah, Sukhwinder, Megha Sriram Dalton and Mohit Chauhan for the title track of Shivaay.


Badshah continues to rev up Hindi and Punjabi music charts with his popular tracks. The singer has given an unparalleled rendition in the title track of Shivaay. Music greats including Sukhwinder and Mohit Chauhan have also lent their voice to the title track of Shivaay. Amongst the three men is also the voice of Megha, who has given a fresh mesmerizing chant. The track is perfect to a fault.


Known for his simplicity, the track was a challenge for Mithoon as well as all the singers and was more than a year in the making. Ajay Devgn, the director developed ‘Bolo Har Har Har’ closely with Mithoon, over months. In Mithoon’s words “Ajay Devgn’s brief to me was very clear. He wanted me to make a powerful sound to represent the intensity and the contemporary nature of his film at a level of world music”.


Several elements interlace this beautiful mix of the contemporary and traditional sounds. It blends EDM and future sounds seamlessly to take listeners into an enchanting realm. Bolo Har Har Har is layered with sound effects from the future forecast of the global sound scene which has been especially designed into the track.


Equally mesmerizing for city kids and temple grandmas, the high energy track has a haunting melody that tweaks at the very gut of listeners irrespective of their age.


Replete with soulful high impact notes the track will leave you humming if not chanting the key verse. Bolo Har Har Har has exceptionally strong recall value and is a sure shot chart buster. Simply put, a track like this has never been made before in Hindi cinema.

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