Esha Gupta swears by daadi maa ke nuske

04 May

The stylish actress has a home remedy up her sleeve for most ailments.She resorts to home remedies ever since and highly recommends it as well. Be it flu, cold, fever, stomach infection the actress has a cure for them.
Infact, Esha does not remember the last time she took allopathic medicines and strongly feels one should only use them in severe situations.
Esha’s parents were very particular about this since her growing up days and that’s where she picked it up from.
Her parents were well versed with nataural remedies and stringently followed a yoga regime. Esha has further read and practiced these healing ways.
The actress strongly recommends to follow these as there are no side effects to this which otherwise happen with medicines.
Recently, when one of her manager was unwell Esha turned to a house doctor and suggested some easy remedies which instantly helped. Her manager could not thank her enough
Esha is very particular about her health. She maintains a stringent excercise regime and follows good eating habits.

Says Esha “My dad has always believed in naturopathy and homeopathy, hence I picked it up. I actually don’t take medicines often because I believe nature will take care of me.”

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