Chris Hemsworth and his squad’s costumes in ‘12 Strong’ were never washed!

18 Jan


When one makes a movie, accuracy is key to make it look factual, especially when you are adapting real life to reel life. And one film that has made that extra effort and gone that extra mile is 12 Strong. Based on the best-selling book Horse Soldiers, the film talks about the heroism that unfolded a world away in the aftermath of 9/11. To bring the look of these men on mission alive, the cast, including Chris Hemsworth, didn’t wash their uniforms throughout the shoot!


Dan Lester, the head of the Costume Department, engaged in extensive research on the uniforms worn by the Green Berets in 2001. He also revealed how he had an ex-Special Officer in his team, which aided them to dig out in-depth material about Special Force uniforms and how within few weeks of research the entire team, had a depiction of basic uniform for the force.


As the mission in the movie proceeded, the costumes would consistently gather more and more dust and stain which made it look more genuine. “We had an aging department, but in general,” Lester notes“You just never wash the clothes and they work so much better because they’ve actually lived in them. We also had the actors wear their uniforms through boot camp to get them used to the weight of them and get that natural wear.”


MVP Entertainment’s 12 Strong, a war drama thriller releases across the country on 19th January 2018 in theatres near you!

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