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10 Jul


Rating ***

A film that you will love and hate simultaneously. Visuals, background score and action will keep you glued to the screen but what goes on between the characters and their motivations is not up to the mark. It failed to live upto its expectations that were high due to its prequel that came in 2015 and was appreciated and liked. As per the name sicario, it is clear that we are going to enter the world of hitman based in Latin America. But the plot has many layers that stops the audience to focus on one story.
The film shows a bombing in USA in beginning and then we see US government and CIA declaring war against drug cartels of Mexico whom they suspect. The person in charge of this mission Matt Graver decides to create a war between drug cartels of Mexico so that they are finished in their own war. Here a hitman Alejandro Gillick comes into picture who kills a lawyer of a big drug cartel while the Graver kidnaps Isabela daughter of the rival of the big drug cartel. This way the CIA ensures that the drug cartels wreak havoc on one another. But the things don’t go as planned and Gillick refuses to kill Isabela as directed by Graver. Rather he bonds with her as she reminds him of his own daughter who is no more. In another plot Miguel, a teenager who has just started to assist the gang that supplies illegal immigrants to US from Mexico. As the story progresses, Miguel becomes an obstruction for Gillick and almost fatal. Between all this, problems erupt between US and Mexico and US government wants to back off and make changes in their plans which act as a big challenge for Gillick and CIA.
Benicio del Toro has beautifully played the role of Alejandro Gillick. With his commanding body language and sharp stare, he steals the show though Josh Brolin playing Matt Graver is no less. Isabela, the kidnapped girl, looks charming as a teenager daughter of a druglord. She is not active much but has been made part of the action.
From  beginning to end, there are gunshots and chases backed by air attacks and killings. The plot doesn’t thicken at any moment and loses its grip due to shallow content. It is an entertaining action but not the type that keeps audience on edges of their seats. Few chase scenes thrill us but overall the story is not believable and the loose ends are not joined. Somehow, it is a glamorization of US government and their right hand agency CIA. The film has covered terrorism and illegal immigration, the issues that are favourite of USA because it gives them to justify their actions no matter they are legally and morally correct or not.  Neither  entertainment quotient nor credibility has been upped in this version of Sicario.


Directed by Stefano Sollima
Produced by
Written by Taylor Sheridan
Music by Hildur Guðnadóttir
Cinematography Dariusz Wolski
Edited by Matthew Newman
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