Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt turns brand ambassador for Astrobuddy!

27 Jul

One of the best filmmakers of the Indian film industry,

One of the best filmmakers of the Indian film industry, Vikram Bhatt who is synonymous with making thrillers and horror movies, is all set to add one more feather to his cap! He recently became the brand ambassador for an astrology app – Astrobuddy, which is founded by Mr Bhupesh Sharma with a vision to make genuine astrology available to every household on the globe in its truest and most logical form.

About Astrobuddy:

Astrobuddy is a brand of Nyassa AstroCorp and is a content and service provider for Astrology powering digital and voice astrology products globally . With over 30 million customers they understand diverse audience sets and content consumption preferences. The app is world’s first Astrology application that facilitates live text chat for the users to seek advice from AstroBuddies . Apart from the App , AstroBuddy also provides detailed astrology reports on its website It also provides live voice chat through its short code 51717 and voice alerts to mobile subscribers nationally. It is a unique service where focus is more on counselling and scientific analysis of birth charts. No religious overtures or age old superstitions are involved in this service.Very soon the live voice service will be also be launched for customers in USA , Canada and UK.

The objective of setting up AstroBuddy is to dispel the way astrology has been misinterpreted and showcased over and over again.

‘’We defy myths as our intention is not to instil fear but share what people’s birth charts indicate. We work on people’s strengths and potential, with the objective of turnings their fears into smiles,” says Bhupesh Sharma.

Astrobuddy is available in Android and iOS.

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